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Frank Betz Associates, Inc. is an award-winning home design planning company offering a wide variety of high quality house plan designs to meet the needs of individuals looking to build their dream home. Frank Betz home plans feature a unique design style that combines great curb appeal and interior elegance with construction efficiency that both builders and homeowners appreciate.

Model Name Size Price Range
The Calgary 2554 Sq Ft $380,550 - $406,100
The Chadwick 2100 Sq Ft $354,900 - $396,900
The Corbett II 2493 Sq Ft $371,450 - $396,400
The Halifax 2493 Sq Ft $371,500 - $396,400
The LaSalle 2493 Sq Ft $371,500 - $396,400
The Rathmore 2930 Sq Ft $436,570 - $465,870
The Shelby 2940 Sq Ft $438,000 - $467,500
The White Haven 2793 Sq Ft $416,200 - $444,100
* All pricing given is quoted in our Custom Designer and Executive Series specifications.