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Testimonials for Anthony Construction
and Anthony Builders

Client: Jared & Jen Balas
Project: Build a new custom home. The way Jared & Jen came to know of Anthony Builders Inc. was through a visit to a home we built for my wife and I which we had listed for sale through the Local MLS. They really liked the design and layout of the home and offered to buy it however, my wife decided against selling it when came right down to signing an agreement of sale. The rest of the story can come from Jen and Jared.

Client: Silas & Debbie Rodenbach
Project: Built an addition off the rear of a single level home to accommodate a master bedroom suite for Silas and Debbie and a new laundry area off the main level instead of the basement where it was located. There son and his 2 kids were returning home for a short time during a divorce situation. The first floor master bedroom and laundry addition was something Silas and Debbie had wanted to do for quite some time so when the situation came to be with their son this was an alternative that worked for everyone because their son and the kids could have the original bedroom and main bath area to themselves and Silas and Debbie had their own area also. The rest of the story can come from Silas and Debbie.

Client: Tom and Stefanie Scoblick
Project: Finished the basement level of their home into a large recreation area, playroom, TV room and a number of other rooms for storage and whatever. The finished basement project was 1 of 2 projects we initially discussed the second of which included Stephanie’s mom relocating to live with them after the passing of Stephanie’s dad. The rest of the story can come Tom & Stefanie.

Client: Don & Betty Musgnung
Project: We’ve done a number of different projects for Don & Betty over a great number of years to both their home and Don’s fathers home. The latest project was done at their personal residence and included adding a full master bath off the existing 2nd floor master bedroom which had a 70’s size and style bathroom and closet. We designed a much larger 2014 master bathroom off the bedroom, turned the bathroom into a walk-in closet and this was over the roof of a 1st floor breakfast nook below. The rest of the story can come from Don & Betty.

Client: Jason & Nurit Baron
Project: Anthony Builders was tasked to transform a home basement into a working flight and racing simulator with a separate entrance. Through thorough planning, meticulous attention to detail and developing the plan to fit the space, Anthony Builders created a self-sufficient space for client Jason Baron to conduct his flight simulation and auto racing simulator business.

Client: Andy & Tina Cole
Project: Finished the basement level of their home into a large recreation area, playroom, TV room and a number of other rooms for storage and billiard area, which was adjacent to a custom made bar/kitchen area created to enter-tain family and friends during the holidays and sporting events The area created a great place for their 2 children to socialize with their friends after school and during the summer months. We built the original home 11 years ago when Tina was pregnant with their oldest child. The rest of the story can come Andy & Tina.

Client: Sean and Lori George
Project: Built a new custom home. Sean and Lori George were expecting their fourth child and decided that they were going to need more space. Sean had always wanted to build a custom home, so it seemed like the perfect time to make this dream come true. After seeking counsel from their realtor and friends about home builders in the area, they were led to Frank Alexander, president of Anthony Builders.

Client: Matt and Mary Petronio
Project: Built a sunroom addition to current home. Matt and Mary Petronio entertain often and wanted to have some additional space indoors for guests to enjoy as everyone always ended up lingering in the kitchen. After a lot of research, they decided to call the person who had sold them their home and now works at Anthony Builders.