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Detached Garages


Detached Garages

These projects are done by homeowners for various reasons wither it’s the need for additional indoor parking, recreational vehicles, storage, workshop or hobby area, they are always designed to match the existing home design as close as financially possible. Everyone has a special need they are attempting to overcome. In the projects shown, the gambrel design provided additional garage parking for 2 daughters attending college to park there vehicles indoors so the parents could still park in the main garage. This design also created a second floor accessible from the exterior to be used by mom seasonally as a hobby/craft area. This type of project took 5 weeks to complete including completion of the driveway and lawn repairs.

The large 2 story garage was designed to mirror the garage on the main house with some custom features desired by the client to include the main level of the garage to be high enough to become an indoor basket ball court for the owner and his kids to enjoy, and an unfinished 2nd floor capable of being finished as a separate in-law apartment if the need would ever arise. In the interim it would provide a huge amount of storage for the main home which had a finished basement and had used up all the potential storage with finished living space. This type of project took 8 weeks to complete including completion of the driveway and lawn repairs.

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