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Anthony Construction

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Our Renovations

Renovate the retired. Enhance the familiar. Broaden the acceptable. If you’re in a home that you can’t live in, but can’t live without, Anthony Construction, LLC. can help you create a new dream in your current home. In addition to building top quality European-designed homes in the Greater Lehigh Valley, Anthony Construction, the parent company to Anthony Builders, has completed thousands of renovations, alterations, and construction projects in the area and is licensed to contract in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Florida.

About Anthony Construction

Established in 1974, Anthony Construction is backed by extensive renovation and alteration experience. The owner and general manager, Frank Alexander, is immersed behind the scenes of each project. Other key staff members include a very talented interior and exterior design consultant, experienced AutoCAD designer, and a full-time project manager who co-coordinates between the office staff, suppliers, sub-contractors, and clients to ensure a smooth on-time project completion and delivery.

The Renovation Process

The process of completing a renovation or alteration project is much like building a custom home with Anthony Builders. It begins with getting to know you, your hopes, and your desires. We will carefully listen to all of your thoughts and give you candid feedback as to whether we can make all aspects of your vision a reality and if it can be accomplished within the budget you hope to meet. We will also discuss the expected time frame for the project and provide a list of references from our completed projects. Our experienced staff will handle all of the initial research for the project that the average consumer may not be aware of such as zoning issues. Once our research shows that there will be no zoning concerns for the project, we will prepare rough preliminary sketches and prepare a budget. If you’re satisfied with all that we propose, we will then create a final set of blueprints and a contract proposal to submit for financing if required.