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Jen and Jared Balas


Jen & Jared Balas


6,500-square foot custom-built home

We fell in love with the home of Frank Alexander, owner of Anthony Builders, when we were originally looking to buy. While Frank didn’t sell us his home, we did hire him to design and build one just like it! We purchased the lot, and Anthony Builders took care of the rest. Frank personally spent countless hours with us, even before we signed with him; he visited the lot and discussed all of our options and possibilities.

Jen & Jared


What was it like working with Anthony Builders?

“I cannot speak highly enough about the working relationship we had with Anthony Builders,” adds Jen.  “Most everyone you speak to says building a home can be a nightmare. But we can honestly say we did not have one negative experience, and it was due to the professional and caring team at Anthony’s.”

Jen and Jared Balas hired Anthony Builders in December of 2012 with design and construction encompassing about ten months. “From the first day we contacted them, Anthony’s went over and above to make us feel comfortable throughout the experience,” relates Jen. “Frank was involved at every step and accessible anytime. His entire team was just as approachable, responsive, and professional. Any issues or concerns we had were addressed immediately. They even spoke to the township on our behalf prior to construction.”

Searching for ideas, the Balases had looked at other Anthony Builder homes throughout the Lehigh Valley. “We loved the design and craftsmanship. But we selected Anthony’s because of Frank and his team. Frank’s involvement set the tone right from the beginning. We trusted him, and in this industry, that’s hard to come by.”

Project Summary

The couple’s home reminds us of an era past – offering a definite European flavor leaning toward French Country, or even Châteauesque inspired architecture. It’s large, 6,500 square feet. But in no way does it lack warmth, charm, or a family-feel. “Family and friends mean the most to us,” explains Jen. “I want our kids to remember their childhood home not as a showplace, but as a fun place. The home where they grew up, with friends coming and going, memories by the pool, and our doors always open.”

The Balases are thrilled with the outcome of their home, with features you don’t commonly find today. There are nooks, crannies, curves, and niches – along with inlaid ceilings, crown molding, and numerous arched windows. Slightly rustic, dark oak floors provide the perfect contrast to the home’s abundance of natural lighting. The foyer beckons with a large, curved staircase and a beautiful balcony. The living area also extends to the outdoors with three porticoes, two on the lower level pool area and one accessible from the second-floor media room. An outdoor kitchen, brick gazebo, and large patio sit adjacent to the pool. Character and detail are prominent throughout; every room is different. Designed for beauty? Yes. But meant to be warm and welcoming, too.

Jen adds that no matter the size of the home, many of these characteristics can be scaled down and carried over to another’s unique specifications. “It’s the details that make a person’s home their own.”

Rest assured, Anthony Builders takes care in every project no matter the size or scope. From a custom-built home to a room addition or basement remodel, they guarantee a high-quality finished product, using the best materials and subcontractors. “Anthony’s took a lot of the tougher aspects of building off our shoulders so we could concentrate on what was important to us,” concludes Jen. “We had a great time throughout the process and ALWAYS felt we were being heard.”

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