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Matt and Mary Petronio


Matt & Mary Petronio


Built a sunroom addition to current home

I had a design in mind for our new sunroom and shared it with Frank. His design team developed several designs for me to choose from and was very open about incorporating some additional ideas we had. Anthony Construction drew up a project schedule for us from the very beginning that let us know which construction teams would be there each day. They contacted us every day to confirm the plans for that day and who we could expect to be there. That was so important to us to know that when they said they would be there, they would show up. And then did – every time! Every team member that worked in our home was professional, took great pride in their work, and did everything they could to make sure the rest of our house was not affected by the construction. Our project manager, Jonesy, checked in on the project often and things just went like clockwork. Our sunroom was competed in just five weeks. During the project, neighbors would tell us, ‘I can’t believe how quickly the job is getting done.’ Many asked us for Anthony Construction’s contact information. I LOVE my new sunroom. It’s very open and bright and it gives you the feeling of being outside. It’s my favorite place to just sit and relax. I would definitely, definitely call Anthony Construction again for a renovation project; so would many of my friends and neighbors! They do quality work without exception. Every single material that was used and every process completed was top notch. In fact, I kind of miss them.

Matt & Mary


Project Summary

Matt and Mary Petronio entertain often and wanted to have some additional space indoors for guests to enjoy as everyone always ended up lingering in the kitchen. They have a gorgeous outdoor entertaining area in their backyard complete with a patio and pool and wanted their new sunroom to have a view of their beautiful backyard. Originally, the Petronios thought about purchasing an all-glass, three-season room, but they really wanted a space they could enjoy year-round. After a lot of research, they decided to call the person who had sold them their home and now works at Anthony Builders. Mary says she’s so glad Dave introduced them to Frank who completed her breath-taking sunroom in just 5 weeks.

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