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Sean and Lori George


Sean & Lori George


Built a new custom home

The home as a finished product is essentially perfect, but the personal service and attention we received was genuine and incomparable. For example, our last pregnancy was a happy surprise (!), and we found ourselves needing to build a home a full year earlier than we anticipated.  As a result, we had some budget considerations we hadn’t expected to have when we thought we would be building later. Frank was very easy to talk to about this aspect and we were never embarrassed or uncomfortable by the “money” conversations. He helped us to find a way to build the house while staying within our budget and while we weren’t able to add everything we would have (i.e. a pool and finished basement) if we had built a year later as was planned, we don’t feel as though we compromised on our dream house either. But there were other personal touches as well; Dave Jones, our project manager, would call us to let us know when there would be “big trucks” at the site so that we could take the kids to watch, and Frank and Donna sent flowers to the hospital when we had our son. We were also impressed by the way Frank personally knew the status of our house at every stage. And there were a few times where we called the office to ask a question, and Frank always took a lot of time to talk to us or offer advice and we never felt rushed or like we were being pests (and trust us, we often called with stupid questions). In short, the process was as fun as we had hoped it would be, and although we absolutely LOVE the finished project, we’re both a little sorry that it’s over. One more thing we want to note is that, without fail, every sub-contractor we met was sure to tell us what a great builder Frank is, and we can’t think of a better endorsement than that! Honestly, we didn’t lose one minute of sleep over this house, and we’re more than happy to praise the entire staff at Anthony [Builders] for the work they did for us!

Sean & Lori


Project Summary

Sean and Lori George were expecting their fourth child and decided that they were going to need more space. Sean had always wanted to build a custom home, so it seemed like the perfect time to make this dream come true. After seeking counsel from their realtor and friends about home builders in the area, they were led to Frank Alexander, president of Anthony Builders. Frank showed them his model home and they were impressed with the craftsmanship and design. They say that they could tell that Frank took pride in what he did and it was his honest, trustworthy personality that sold them.

Sean and Lori had already chosen a lot for their new home, but Frank checked it out before they finalized the purchase to insure it was a good choice for their home and that it could accommodate a walk-out basement. When it came time to choose a design for their home, they knew they wanted a second-floor master suite and laundry room. After reviewing Anthony Builders’ book of designs, they chose the Fenway model and made modifications to the design to accommodate their needs. They added a Jack and Jill bathroom, a mudroom and made some wall placement modifications. Because Sean is a huge Yankees fan, he didn’t like the idea of his home being named Fenway (the Boston RedSox stadium). So Dave Knect with Anthony Builders suggested they name their home Ruthville, after a section of Yankee stadium.

When asked what visitors say about their new home, they said, “Almost everyone comments on the unique design features such as the unexpected angles and the columns, and the spacious, yet practical kitchen is always noted. We keep hearing the words, ‘amazing, beautiful, and unique.’ 

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