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This project was a restoration and upgrade of an existing single family stone farm house with various out buildings and site improvements that were in dire disrepair and with regular maintenance having been neglected for years. Starting with the removal of overgrown trees, brush, landscaping and failed hardscaping. The project then moved on to the exterior of the actual house. The slate roof was removed and replaced. All rain gutter and down spouting was removed and replaced, to include various other out buildings. The entire main house was power washed and then painted surfaces were repainted, freshening up the entire exterior.

The interior was then gone over from the unfinished basement on up including replacing the HVAC boiler system, upgrading to code the electrical and plumbing including a new master bathroom and kitchen, the refinishing of floors and repainting of all walls, ceilings, trim and doors. Upon completion the project was professionally cleaned. The exterior grounds were upgraded with new paver side-walks and patio areas, a redesigned pool house and fencing was incorporated for added privacy and the security of the family pets Harley and Spike. This project took 14 weeks to complete from start to finish.

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