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Tom and Stefani Scoblick


Tom & Stefani Scoblick


Custom basement and bath

Project Summary

A space to enjoy and more room for the kids. Somewhere to work out and a spot for the exercise equipment. The bonus of having an extra bath. These are the reasons Tom and Stefani Scoblick hired Anthony Builders to create a versatile, comfortable living area in their 900-square foot unfinished basement. “We collected a few bids,” says Tom. “But it was Anthony Builders and their in-house design team that sold us. We also wanted a builder with an established reputation and customer base.” Engineers by profession, Tom and Stefani prefer to view things in a linear way and believe the better you plan up front, the better the result. Anthony Builders couldn’t agree more.

The Scoblick’s story began in 2014 when they contacted the owner of Anthony Builders, Frank Alexander. “We were considering an in-law quarters,” says Tom. “We discussed our options with Frank, and his design team drew four different plans. When we realized how expansive the project would be, priorities shifted, and our plans transitioned to a basement remodel.” The design team went back to work to create the space the Scoblicks were seeking. After a few drafts, they decided upon a large family room/playroom area plus a separate room for a gym or potential bedroom. Also included was a full bath and extra-large shower.

The result was perfect for their needs. With two daughters, ages 11 and five, the Scoblicks wanted an area they could hang out or play with friends. With the chance of Stefani’s mom moving in, they also wanted the flexibility of an extra bedroom. Finally, it was important for the space to feel like a comfortable extension of their current living area, not cobbled or an after-thought. “We loved the designs produced by Dave (Knecht),” explains Tom. “Our final plan integrated all of the elements we were looking for.” Architectural details, including support posts that became attractive columns and an abundance of beautiful dark oak trim, gave the room the flow the Scoblicks wanted.

The project, which began in July, was completed by September. Professional and organized, the Scoblicks felt confident throughout the entire process. “Our project manager, Dave (Jonesy) Jones, kept us informed and the job on schedule. He always took extra time to communicate the various steps of the project and subcontractor schedules. His attention to detail and how he managed the project gave us peace of mind; the workmanship was excellent as well.”

There were also no unwanted surprises for the Scoblicks. Tom recommends that anyone considering a construction or remodeling project to ask a lot of questions beforehand. “Find out as much as you can and what’s included in the scope of the work; don’t be afraid to ask questions, ranging from the big picture to the minor details.”

Tom appreciated the detailed binder he received at the project’s onset, outlining the scope of the project. “Each phase was explained along with project expectations, pertinent dates, and the materials involved. It spelled everything out and enabled us to ask more questions and verify details. We’re extremely happy with our new living area and how Anthony’s handled the project,” concludes Tom. “We’d recommend them to anyone.”

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